In today’s article, we will tell you how to enlarge the eyes with makeup, because we know that it gives an important role to our gaze and makes it even more captivating. How to do it? Very easy! We did this step by step, especially for you. Are you ready to create an impact look? Let’s do it!

Refresh yourself in the morning:

You can also use a cube of ice (inside a cloth) and gently rest it on the eye area. The cold serves to reduce swelling, bags, and wrinkled eyes, generating a less swollen contour and larger eyes. Apply a cleanser and moisturizer designed for your skin type.

Cover dark circles:

This step is important since it serves to unify the tone of the face and cover the dark circles at the base of the eyes so that, visually, they look more even. You can use different shades to hide the dark circles and contrast each other; for example, if you have them in blue tones, choose orange tones, if they are in green or olive tones, use a red concealer, or if you want to brighten your face, choose a whiter option than your natural skin tone.

Outline the eyes:

To apply it, draw a line on the eyelid with the help of the brush. The key is to blur the outline until you lose the line cut, without erasing the intensity of the line that directly touches the tab. TIP: clarify the lower internal line (waterline) with a skin tone or white pencil to visually create the sensation of a more open look. Another trick is to use the tight line technique when the mobile eyelid is very small. This technique will give the feeling that the base of the eyelashes is even deeper.

Apply shadows:

Make up the eyes with the smokey eye technique is also a good option to enlarge the look. The darker shades deepen the features, unlike the lighter shades, which stand out. Let’s experiment!

Lengthen the eyelashes 

Curl the lashes with a curling iron and apply mascara that lengthens them and gives them volume, which will also create a visibly bigger effect of the look. The trick to doing this is to always apply from root to tip, making a zig-zag motion. Another option is to apply the mascara by turning the brush and doing the upward movement to lengthen the lashes.

Perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows also influence the look, so it is important to outline and fill them following their natural shape using ointments or pencils to unify the tone and create a perfect frame effect for the look.