We all dream of having perfect hair that attracts all eyes and shines like that of the stars and catwalk models. However, if you have curly hair, it is possible that you feel this dream far from your reality. It is no secret to anyone that curly hair requires special care to be able to show it off, and often we do not have the patience or the proper methods to highlight its natural beauty and put it under control.

Wash It Carefully

Once clean, comb through with a separate bristle comb and apply some moisturizer that doesn’t need to be rinsed down the length of your hair. With the help of a cotton shirt press up your hair to shape the curls and do not touch it anymore, keep in mind that normal towels tend to generate static in our hair, so it is better to look for a special just for your curls. Then, take the opportunity to dry it with a diffuser dryer or natural, if you avoid touching it or re-combing it, you will make the curl dry in perfect shape and look incredible.


Hydration, Your Best Friend

The extra hydration is essential, especially in summer, since, by exposing our hair to the sun, saltwater or chlorine, it will become much drier and more brittle. For this reason, during the warmer months, including extra hydration in your routine twice a week, apply conditioner without rinsing before entering the sea or the pool and, if possible, cover yourself with a hat or scarf when exposing yourself to the sun. Your mane will appreciate it.

A Good Cut Will Always Make A Difference

 The dry cut is ideal to see how it will look in your day to day and meet the true needs of your hair. Based on the volume and dimension of the loop to create a style that matches your face and make sure you achieve the exact length you want. This technique is much more complicated to eliminate split ends and dryness, so investigate well and put yourself in the hands of someone who will shine your style from the first cut.


We know that having curly hair is not easy, but something you must be sure of is that having it is like winning the lottery. If you follow these simple tips and get to know and control your curl, we assure you that you will not think about straightening or cutting your hair again. Dare to reinvent your hair and fall in love with your curls; we promise you will not regret it.