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Lohagarh Fort

MOST FAMOUS for its bird sanctuary, the kingdom of ttharatpur , on the eastern edge of Rajasthan, came into prominence during the declining years of the Mughals Empire. It was founded by the fearless Jars, a community of landowners. near the old city, is the romantic Gujari Mahal (1510) built by Man Singh for his tribal wife, the beautiful Mrignayani, and it now homes the outstanding Archaeological Museum.His main palace. the Man Mandir, with an amazing variety of ornamental glazed tile patterns, is considered the most remarkable example of an early Hindu palace.Their most remarkable leader was Raja Suraj Mal (r1724-63) who in 1733, captured and fortified the city of Bharatpur , thereby laying the foundations of his capital.

This powerful ruler defied the reigning Mughal emperor, stormed Delhi and Agra and brought home the massive gates of Agra Fort and installed them at his own fort at Dreg's Water Palace near Bharatpur. A prolific builder as well, he used the loot from Mughals buildings, including a swing (now in Dreg ), to embellish the forts and palaces he built throughout his kingdom. In the centre of the town is Lohagarh ("iron fort') which withstood repeated attacks by the Maathas and the British until it was finally captured by Lord Lake in 1805.

When built, it was a masterpiece of construction with massive double ramparts made of solid packed mud and rubble that were surrounded by impressive moats. Most of the outermost ramparts have disintegrated, but the inner ones are intact and are distinguished by two towers, the Jawahar Bur and Fate Burj , both to mark successive Jats victories over the Moghals and British.

The Victory Column at Jawahar Bun with the genealogy carries an inscription of the Jat kings.Both its north and south gates were part of the loot from the imperial Mughal capital at Delhi. Three palaces were built in the fort by the rustic Jots in a surprisingly fine mix of Mughals and Rajput stylistic detail.The royal apartments, in Mahal Khans , had unusual octagonal chambers in the corners with colourful painted walls, but these are now the site of a pharmaceutical college.

The other two palaces were located around the Ketcheei (court) Bagh, and now house the State Museum, where a rare collection of 1st- and 2nd century stone carvings as well as terracotta toys from nearby excavations can be sunken hamum is close by. In 1818, seen In 1818, Bhaatpur became the first Rajput state to sign a treaty of alliance with the British East India Company. A later maharaja was a keen collector of Rolls Royce cam, which he converted for use on tiger and duck shoots.

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