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Fatehpuri Sikri

BUILT BY AKBAR in 1571 in honour of the famous Sufi saint, Salim Chichi (see pp220-21 ),Faurhpur Sikrt was the Mughal capital for 14 years. An example of a Mughcal walled city with defined private and public areas and imposing gateways, its architecture, a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles, reflects Akbar's secular vision as well as his style of governance. After the city was abandoned,some say for lack of water, many of its treasures were plundered (see pp54 –5). It owes its present state of preservation to the initial efforts of Lord Curzon (see pp56-7 ), a legendary conservationist. .

Pillar in the Diwan-i-Khas

The central axis of Akbar's court, supported by carved brackets,
was inspired by Gujarat buildings.


The emperor's private sleeping quarters, this "chamber of dreams" with murals and Persian calligraphy has an ingenious ventilating shaft near his bed. Anoop Talao or pooorl is associated with Akba's legendary- court musician Hansen who, it is said,could light oil lamps with the magic of his voice.

Turkish Sultana's House

The elaborate ado panels and delicately sculpted walls of this ornate sandstone pavilion make the stone seem like wood. It is topped with an unusual stone roof with imitation clay tiles.


This large courtyard with an elaborate pavilion was originally draped with rich tapestries and used for public hearings, receptions and celebrations.

Panch Mahal

A five-store yed open sandstone pavilion, it overlooks the pachisi Court, where Akbar's queen savoured the cool evening breezes.Its A decorative screens were probably stolen after the city was abandoned.


Perhaps a debating chamber, the real function of this unique structure is still unknown.

Ankh Michauli

treasury, Ibis building has mythical guardian beasts carved on its stone struts. Its name means "blinds man's bluff ".


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